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The FlexiLink has been designed to allow the user to create and recreate virtually any shape required.

Using the Easi-link kit to join two or more Original Twist- banners, the Flexi-Link sits between two straight graphic panels, allowing you to form a controlled curve to an angle you require, with the ultimate ease.

The self levelling system incorporated through the patented tensioning system allows the Original Twist-banners, joined by the Flexi-Link, to be used on uneven foors, negating the need for unsightly chocks and tape often found when using other systems.

· Patented tensioning system allowing self levelling and reduced graphic curl.
· Unlimited linking using the Easi-link kit, maintaining a positive link that will not break when moved.
· Create virtually any shape. Seamless graphic appearance.
· Controlled curve maintaining a smooth appearance through the sprung hanging kit of the Flexi-Link. 
· Cost effective solution to graphical backdrops.

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Download CAD brochure (PDF)
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